Skinstamp Q&A

Q: What is the difference of Skinstamp comparing with traditional dermal roller?
A: Skinstamp is designed like a stamp and it's easier for application. Also, it saves time for treatment.

Q: What are the advantages of Skinstamp comparing with dermal roller?
A: For the traditional derma roller, it's not easy to apply on the skin. Moreover, it's easy to make scratch on the skin. For the Skinstamp, it’s no scratch, less pain, less bleeding and prompt recovery from the treatment.

Q: How many needles on the Skinstamp plate?
A: There are 140 needles on the Skinstamp plate and it's 40% denser than dermal roller.

Q: What are the indications for Skinstamp?
A: Indications: Acne skin, stretch mark, pore tightening, keloid, burn scar, acne scar, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented skin

Q: How many models of Skinstamp?
A: There are two models of skinstamp – 0.8mm and 2.1mm.
0.8mm can be used for acne skin, fine lines and wrinkles reduction, skin lifting, pore tightening and skin rejuvenation.
2.1mm can be used for stretch mark, burn scar, keloid and acne scar

Q: How many treatments should be taken for a complete therpy?
A: Once a week, 6-10 treatments for a complete therpy.

Q: Does Skinstamp have any certificate or approval?
A: It has FDA and KFDA approval.